14 Day New Year Jumpstart Challenge

Transform your body in just 25 minutes a day.   No equipment needed.

What Steps Do I Need Help With?

I don't know which exercises burn fat.

Learn which exercises help you burn up to 243% more fat.

I don't know which foods to eat to lose weight.

Learn which foods help you burn more fat.

I don't know how to stay motivated long enough.

Learn how to stay motivated and fall N. Love with getting and staying fit for life!

Our Story

The N. Love Fitness story is an amazing one...

Because it isn't about us.
It is really about YOU.
Our mission is to help women get fit and learn the tools to stay fit before they turn 40.
Because a fit and healthy women are a strong, powerful, and successful community.
We have lost the weight ourselves, and we know how to keep it off.  We stay on the cutting edge of fitness and fat loss strategies so you can create the best version of yourself.
We believe it's time for you to step into the body that you feel comfortable in.

Our Secret Proven Formula

The secret to being "the place to get results and make them last" is in our process.

While other fitness programs make guesses and take a cookie-cutter approach to fitness...

We use a highly scientific and proven process to help you go from where you are NOW to feeling energetic, vibrant, strong and sexy in your body.

When you join the N. Love Fitness family, we provide you with:
  • Nutrition that accelerates the fat burn process.
  • Exercises that burn fat up to 36 hour longer.
  • Plans that are created for your body and your goals.
  • A professional to walk you step by step through the process.

Make sure you never take any steps backwards and you always feel supported.

From the moment you start your program,  you will experience the difference...

And after a couple of weeks, you will start to recognize the positive changes in your body!

Clients Who Fell N. Love With The Results

I have been working out at the gym for years seeing very little progress. In fact I have slowly been gaining weight. Nakia has helped me lose weight and keep it off. She really has the power to demystify this whole weight loss confusion.

Jessica Jazmin

When you're getting ready for a competition, stress can be a major factor. Nakia helped me relieve stress, and get through the process with clarity. Her mental focus and stress reduction techniques helped me win!

Nichet Gray

I've been working out and lifting weights for the past 14 years. I've seen more progress in the past 14 days than I've seen for 14 years working on my own. I've gone from 170lbs to 182lbs of solid muscle! I feel stronger, I'm more cut, and I'm seeing the gains! No drugs needed.

Chris Kram

When the Doctor told me my grandson had high cholesterol, I didn't know what to do. Then I found Nakia and she was able to help my grandson lose weight and get his cholesterol into a normal range!




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Take The Challenge

Answer this question honestly?


What's keeping you from having the body and health you desire?

If you still aren't where you want to be with your body and fitness, it's simply because you haven't been given the right chance to build enough momentum.

Most of our clients remark that before coming to N. Love Fitness they only focused on one of the crucial components necessary to get results - never all 3 together.

We've created the perfect 7 day program that combines everything you need to start seeing results and building major momentum towards your goals - our 14 Day New Year New You Challenge.


3 Months from now you look in the mirror and thank yourself.  Because you:

  • Fit into your skinny jeans again.
  • Feel like your old self again.
  • Get through the day and still have lots of energy left!
  • Finally feel like you are in control of what you eat.

Reveal the healthier version of you now!

Are You Tired of Putting In Work & Not Seeing Results?

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